Saturday, October 22, 2011


I recently just watched the documentary on OWN called MissRepresentation. This documentary is based on how women are viewed in our present day society and how they are viewed this way all because of the media. This documentary was shocking. The statistics are appalling. And the true stories are extremely sad. They show clips of girls as young as 13, who are self conscience about their bodies or young girls who feel like they are not going to be as high up in their jobs as men. The documentary shows how men run the country, the media, and outlooks of other people. They show clips of politicians making demeaning comments about Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin and mocking any women who stand up for themselves. Although, they can not argue women have made extreme strides in the last few decades, the media is still an ongoing problem. A while back, I watched a clip on "What is a Feminist." This clip alone shows how the media has made feminists seem like crazy, extremists, who hate men, when that isn't the case at all. Males can be feminists and woman can be feminists they are solely people who want equal rights for men and women. It seems whenever a woman holds any power that they are automatically looked at like they are going too fast, or they have too much power, basically they receive any criticize the people can think of. Whats even more upsetting is that women also view other women in this way. Women are less likely to vote for other women. This study was proven in a high school political debate where the majority of people voting were girls and the two people running were a male and a female. The male won by a handful. It is hard for me to relate with these girls because I have never felt less because of my gender. I have never looked at the media and felt fat or starved myself because of these women. Thankfully, I was raised in a household that taught me just to be healthy and do what I love, gender was never an issue. I have always been a powerful female with a strong voice. Sadly, I watch my little sister suffer with the pressures of body image and my friends demean themselves to men. It never occurred to me how the littlest things can warp a females mind sets. I watch my friends sit and watch shows such as Jersey Housewives. The housewives is one of the most demeaning show to present day women. This show represents handfuls of women who only have money because of men and only maintain their looks through an immense amount of plastic surgery. This is not real life, women should want to strive to look natural and beautiful the way they are and make their own money through a successful meaningful career. Being an avid Ashtanga yoga practitioner, and working for Miami Life Center, I see how people even view women yogis. Women who are trying to find peace and practice a spiritual practice they strongly believe in. Almost automatically, if yoga is mentioned to men they think of sex and how flexible that female is. I see articles constantly criticizing Kino MacGregor because her yoga clothes are "too revealing". Kino is one of the most intelligent woman I have ever met and she is extremely talented, the fact people even go out of their way to critique her clothing is beyond belief to me. She has a fantastic, healthy body, which she has worked hard for and rather than critiquing her, women should view her as a healthy, natural, intelligent, role model for young women around the world. I hope one day, young women will become more informed and educated on what true beauty is. I hope the media one day will stop demeaning women and putting out unrealistic images. I hope one day, I will be a successful woman and put a positive image out there for younger females.  And I hope one day, we will finally see a female President.
 The documentary ends with, "we need to live our own vision of what a woman can be."
"Be the change you want to see in the world."-Ghandi 

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