Thursday, September 8, 2011

the next generation

The baby boomers are an incredible generation. They wanted nothing more but the best for the future, their families and their children. They meant no harm when they decided that growing bigger, better, faster, stronger would lead to the America everyone has always dreamt of. They did not see the destruction that would lay ahead and what our current generation would have to deal with. Currently, deforestation is a huge issue. A huge issue which is leading to an even bigger issue, global warming (a topic a lot of people enjoy to ignore and deny). The simple fact that the earth, environment and animals were all here before humans, should make people understand that there is something out there bigger than them. But humans are only human which means they are self- centered and narrow minded. It is not exactly their fault, they know no better than to continue their lives the way they were raised. Which goes back to the baby boomers who were only trying to make things better and easier for future generations. But thanks to all these grand developments; more buildings, more roads, more oil, etc., things such as deforestation and pollution are not being controlled. With the current rate of deforestation, planet earth would be lucky to have a rainforest left in a 100 years, that is if planet earth is even around in 100 years. It is bad enough that deforestation and pollution take away oxygen and put a hole into our ozone layer, but it also kills off millions of species. People complain about these issues and try to do simple things such as recycle but that is not enough. It is sad to say but one single individual is barely making any difference in such impacts. It is the large corporations, such as the meat industry, causing all the devastation. This generation has fully abused everything our ancestors worked so hard at to make this life a better one for us. While our ancestors did actual physical manual labor just to put food on the table, this generation feeds disgusting meat companies all of their money so they can turn the other way and get their food as quickly and simply as possible. With this current generation raising their children, our future generations, on such morals and a lifestyle that only wants the easy way out, what is their future going to look like? Will future generations be able to even witness such beauty of the quietness of the rainforest, or the diverse marine life in our oceans? Will they understand that the world does not just revolve around humans, but that there is other life all around us that they should embrace and learn from? If one little change could take place, and our generation could stand up and no longer tolerate this.. who knows, maybe the next generation will completely rebuild this world.

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