Saturday, September 17, 2011


False Emotions Appearing Real. Fear is something each and every one of us encounters daily. Whether it is fear over our futures, our own personal strength, being alone, a snake. All of those fears do not exist. It is shocking how powerful the human mind is. It takes complete control of us in our everyday lives. What we don't notice is that our mind is doing the only job it knows how to do, and that is to think. It is our job as humans to put those thoughts to rest and take control. Our mind is our own worse enemy. We stop ourselves from doing things that we should be pushing ourselves to do. Change is a very scary thing for most people but it is a necessity. Something as little as changing your morning coffee to tea can welcome new possibilities in your life. Have you ever wanted to change something minor, maybe just the way to drive to work in the morning, but the thought comes that it may throw your whole entire day off therefore you just stick with your old patterns? This goes for everything we do. Fear has the strength to squeeze our insides and literally take the wind out of us. If we all just sit back and take a few deep, calming breaths, we will realize how much power we have over our minds. So instead of thinking, why would I ever apply for that job I don't have a chance! Take a deep breath and welcome in the change and the opportunities that may lay ahead of you. What is the worse that can happen?

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